Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have not really been tryin for the NO fast food for one month challenge but sinse Monday April 12th I have not had any kind of fast food.  Now this has not been very easy with work/school.  I have taken to eating Lean Cuisine sandwhiches which have been pretty good.  But it seems my stomache is calling for the grease of the fast food even though I know I do not need it.

My next goal is to start working on cutting the coke's out of my diet.  This one is going to be harder for me to do, but I figure I can give myself a month or two to start cutting them out of my diet and not drinking them any more by mid to late June.  This will be about the same time my family is heading to California for my brother's graduation gift of going to Disneyland.

Now leading into the trip to Disneyland I want to lose the first of thrity pounds of my one hundred or more that I want to lose.  This one will be a big work because my goal will be losing fifteen pounds each month.  This will mean really using that fitness connection membership that is burning a hole in my bank account.


  1. Good luck with you weight loss plan. Slow, steady steps work best. Thanks for stopping by today.


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