Friday, April 30, 2010


I have decided to keep a second blog to keep track of a few of the 101 items.

#5 Lose 100 LBS or more

This will not be a running total on the other blog either, but you will be able to have an idea by what is looks like I am eating.

#14 Give up Sodas for one month

This one will be watched on the second blog as I will be posting my coke drinking habits there.

#62 Workouts
#6 Take classes at a Gym

Both of these will be watched on the otehr blog as I will see how my workouts are improving over time.

This and the new blog will be set up for text as well as e-mail updates so that I can update from my phone anytime, any place.  There will aslo be tweets but not everytime I workout or eat....That would be going overboard.  The tweets will be when I reach a big goal.


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