Friday, June 5, 2015

#4 Give up Soda's for 1 month

For the most part I completed this back in February when I first gave up Sodas but when I was working on this list temptation may have been working on me and I was craving a coke, so I decided to keep it on the list even if I did make it through all the temptations.  And I did but I decided to change my wording to myself from my first day without a coke....

I started my saying "I will not drink a coke today."

To later saying "I will not drink a coke this weekend."

My next thing I told myself "I will not drink a coke this week."

When I made it through the first week I started telling myself that I would not drink a coke for the whole month.

After completing a month I told myself I would not drink a coke until Spring Break.

After making it to Spring break I aimed for Summer time with out a coke, and here we are the beginning of June and I still have not had a coke since January 25, 2015.  I think I am doing really well So now my goal is to make it through the summer with out drinking them.  I have replaced them for the most part with water, but I also like a glass of tea for my caffeine fix.

What will be the next list item to cross off my list?

Friday, May 29, 2015

#91 - Get Tires Replaced

Yes, one of my tasks on my list has been completed, now it has been completed for about a month now and I am just now getting around to writing up this for completion purposes but I did in fact get my Tires replaced on my car back in late April.

Now a few things I did in fact learn about future tire purchases.  I will not be buying new tires through Wal-Mart ever again.  They were hell with trying to get the tires on and I really do not want to have to deal with that again.  With other places you make an appointment and with Wal-Mart you go in when they arrive and hope they are not super busy and have enough people there to do your tires.  So though it was a pain to do, it feels good to have paid for my first big maintenance on my car myself.

What will be the next thing on my list to get crossed off....

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Moving to Bloglovin'

I am setting up this blog for easy following over on Bloglovin' if you are interested in following the blog.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days

Turning 29 this year and next year being my 30th birthday I have decided it is time to really start working on that list of things I want to do, both with my life as well as for fun.  So in order to keep track of what I want to do for myself in many of different categories I have made a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.  Overall this is a lot of fun things that I have always wanted to do, but there is also a lot of things for a better me on this list.  I also want to keep track of how everything is going on this list by letting you see my progress.  For the most part you will be able to keep up with the progress of the Fitness and Health categories the easiest because I will admit that is my #1 Goal overall is to get some of this weight off.

Start date - TODAY April 1, 2015

Goal Date - December 27, 2017

But without further ado my list of 101 things

1. loose 100 lbs 
2. Reach my Goal Weight (140)
3. give up fast food for 1 month
4. Give up sodas for one month
5. Get 10,000 Steps on my fit bit 4 times a week for 1 month
6. Work out 4 Times a week

7. Run in a Disney Princess Run

8. Make Christmas cards like my mom did a few years ago and send them out to friends and family with pictures and updates
9. Send a secret to postsecrets
10. Do a Photo-a-Day project on instagram
11. Learn to Knit
12. Complete at least 1 365 Project or 2
13. Make my own outfit for a Disney Princess Run
14. Make a quilt 

15. Learn to crochet
16. Do a Photo-Scavenger Hunt

17. Read 50 most challenged/banned books
18. Read 100 books in 1 years time
19. Read 1 non-fiction book
20. Go Back to School
21. Become fluent in Spanish
22. finish college with a BA Degree
23. Apply to start my Masters degree

24. Watch 30 movies newly released in theaters
25. Write a Novel/Book
26. Complete NaNoWriMo at least 1 time
27. Participate in VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April)
28. Host a Movie Night (Girls Night with Friends)
29. See something on Broadway
30. See the nutcracker
31. Throw myself an GREAT 30th Birthday Party
32. Go to 1 concert 
33. Listen to 1 artist I have never heard of before
34. Blog at least once a week during this 1001 Days
35. Play any Video Game all the way through
36. Complete the Zombies, Run 
37. Complete the Zombies, Run 5K
38. Go Ice Skating during the winter
39. See 200 Movies never before seen movies

40. Get my Passport
41. Go to Universal Studios

42. Go on an European Cruise
43. Fly 1st Class
44. Visit at least 2 Never before Visited Countries
45. Visit at least 5 states never been to before
46. Swim in the Pacific Ocean
47. Go on a cruise leaving from Galveston
48. Go to a Book Festival
49. Go to Mardi Gras
50. Go to A Book Conference
51. Visit Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory/Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory
52. Go to Stone Mt. and walk to the top.
53. Visit all three Schlitterbahn parks in one summer
54. Visit the Riverwalk in San Antonio
55. Visit Colorado again
56. Go to Comic Con once
57. Go to VidCon
58. Visit Disney Land
59. Go to Disney World again

60. Get my own Domain and Hosting for this site/Book Blog
61. once I move out get a small dog
62. Buy a New Computer (Desktop)
63. Get a MacBook 
64. Get a Little Black Dress
65. Go to a Wine Tasting and Find a Favorite Wine
66. The Items on THIS LIST

67. Take a #Selfie a day on instagram for 1 Month
68. Make a friend and become penpals
69. Have at least 500 twitter followers
70. Have at least 50 e-mail followers/and 5,000 page views on the blog in one month
71.  Have 500 Instagram Followers
72. Meet 10 new people
73. Tell a month of my life in photos
74. Learn to Speak Spanish
75. Send a Message in a Bottle
76. Ask 20 people to suggest a book and read them all
77. Don't say anything negative for 1 day
78. Send a secret to Post Secret

79. Fall in Love
80. Move out of my parents house
81. Make a list of 101 meaningful quotes to me
82. Try 5 drinks I have never tried before
83. Organize my Closet
84. Complete 10 items on the 75 skills every Woman Should Master list
85. Save $1251.25 which is the price of 1 coke a day from the vending machine at work
86. Make a Dress from Scratch
87. Answer the 5000 Question Survey
88. Redecorate bedroom and bathroom
89. Learn to apply makeup correctly and make it look nice.

90. Pay off my Car
91. Get my Tires Replaced
92. Keep my car clean and well cared for (this means learning to take care of my car myself)

93. Learn to Crochet and donate a blanket to a woman's shelter
94. Do one Project 4 Awesome Video
95. Give away old clothes never worn anymore
96. For every Failed ITEM donate $1 to a charity of Followers Choice 
97. Find a Charity of MY CHOICE and donate $100

98. Keep up with the information on this list. Not everyday thing but at least weekly if not twice a week.
99. Save all change for the duration of 1001 days and cash in for something fun to do.
100. design a t-shirt to sell

101. Write a new list like this one