Monday, August 1, 2011


This will be my first time ever doing this.  I have debated in the past ever trying to participate in BEDA (Blog) or VEDA (Vlog).  Though personally I have no idea what I would really talk about I will try it out this month (a not so popular month for doing this).

My parents have booked Cruise #3 for us and I am really excited and looking forward to it.  Though it is over 290 days away I am ready for it.  My goal between now and then is to lose 100 lbs at least.  I want to get in shape for the trip and really enjoy myself more than I did on this past one.

Monday, September 6, 2010


So my brother has come to the conclusion with his friends that my car is UnFixable, his words not mine, so I paid good money to get a windsheild replaced for a car that will never run again.  Now I have a brand new windsheild and no car.  But I figure I can save the money for a down payment by December, and buy myself a new car for Christmas.  So I moved the first of many transfers from my Checking to my Savings account and have started the search for the big down payment on the first car I will ever buy for myself.  Lets just say that this is not easy.  This is really hard for me, I would love to beable to afford a SUV like my sister has, but I am more reasonable than that.  I would also love to say that I could afford another Taurus like I drove before, which if I really wanted to I know I could. 

But I have come to the idea that I really do want to get myself a Ford Fiesta.  I loved my Taurus, it was smaller than any of the other cars my family has ever driven and lets just say that I have always drove the smallest of the cars.  For starters, my mom a Ford Excursion, my sister a  Ford Escape, my brother a Chevy truck 1500.  My dad drove a  Ford pick up and now drives a Chevrolet Malibu only for the good gas milage since he drives alot for work. 

So here it is the countdown for the savings for my first ever purchase of my own for my own first car.  I am ready to for this I have designed the Fiesta that I want, the hard part will be finding the one with all the specifications that I want.  But I am going to work on it after I get at least 3/4s of the money that I want saved for the down payment first, then it will be the conversation with my mom about buying it and getting the loan.  At which point we can really start the search for the dream car.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It is time for the before and after....first the before

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Know....

Ok, So I was doing really well with keeping this up for the month of April in the first few weeks, but not really had a chance over the past couple of days.  But let me tell you I have been reading lots in my spare time.  I have started my most challenged book list by checking out ttyl by Lauren Myracle from my library and I am almost done with the book The Secret Duke by Jo Beverly.

So look for those two updates to come up really soon.

I will also be reading from my collection of books some more and will continue to post them to my paperbackswap account for those of you interested in reading them.  I will make a note if they are posted.

Friday, April 30, 2010


I have decided to keep a second blog to keep track of a few of the 101 items.

#5 Lose 100 LBS or more

This will not be a running total on the other blog either, but you will be able to have an idea by what is looks like I am eating.

#14 Give up Sodas for one month

This one will be watched on the second blog as I will be posting my coke drinking habits there.

#62 Workouts
#6 Take classes at a Gym

Both of these will be watched on the otehr blog as I will see how my workouts are improving over time.

This and the new blog will be set up for text as well as e-mail updates so that I can update from my phone anytime, any place.  There will aslo be tweets but not everytime I workout or eat....That would be going overboard.  The tweets will be when I reach a big goal.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have not really been tryin for the NO fast food for one month challenge but sinse Monday April 12th I have not had any kind of fast food.  Now this has not been very easy with work/school.  I have taken to eating Lean Cuisine sandwhiches which have been pretty good.  But it seems my stomache is calling for the grease of the fast food even though I know I do not need it.

My next goal is to start working on cutting the coke's out of my diet.  This one is going to be harder for me to do, but I figure I can give myself a month or two to start cutting them out of my diet and not drinking them any more by mid to late June.  This will be about the same time my family is heading to California for my brother's graduation gift of going to Disneyland.

Now leading into the trip to Disneyland I want to lose the first of thrity pounds of my one hundred or more that I want to lose.  This one will be a big work because my goal will be losing fifteen pounds each month.  This will mean really using that fitness connection membership that is burning a hole in my bank account.

Book 4 of 100 The Squad: Killer Spirit

Toby Klien is back for the sequal to the The Squad: Perfect Cover in The Squad: Killer Spirit and this time it is homecoming.  As a member of the varsity cheerleaders there is no way to get of the nomination for the sophmore homecoming court member.

With the influx of FBI watch list criminals, the week just got interesting.  What do possible terrorist want in Bayport, and what does it have to do with her semi-boyfriend's dads company?

This book really leaves you in the edge of your seat asking questions such as who is after the weapon?  Who is selling a weapon of this calibre?  And who is trying to kill Toby?

This book took me about 2-3 days to read on the nook after being unalbe to locate a copy for myself.  But I did enjoy the book and place it on part of my to read list for others along with the first book in the series.

Killer Spirit Paperback from Barnes and Noble

Killer Spirit E-book from Barnes and Noble

Killer Spirit Amazon Paperback

Now on to other news besides my reading addiction, I had my phone interview with Disney World about two weeks ago.  Now I am just waiting to hear back about whether or not I am accepted and If I am moving to Orlando by August.  Now of course I have an addiction to checking my e-mail to see if they have replied to me.  I am hoping that it is a yes and I will be going but I will now know for at least a week maybe two.  so here we go with waiting and wishing....

Will this take care of any of the items on my list?  Yes, a few of them would be checked off by making the move, but this is more than  that, this is an experience I really want to do.  Now if I only knew hwo to tell my family this would be better.

Last, my brother and my dad along with my brother's friends my have found what was keeping my car from running the other day.  So hopefully this time I will not have any other problems with it and maybe I will be taking ti when I move to Orlando.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


This is not going to be a very long post, mostly I am just going to let you all know the windshield on my car has been changed and it is now back to needing the engine worked on again.  We went to move it to the front of the house for the guy from Joey's to come and and change it but when I went to start it, I had no luck.  So it is going to need to be looked at again and hopefully this time it will be correct and I will be able to drive it.  If not hopefully plan B for a get around option will work out and as not to jinx it I am not going to be mentioning it on here....  I spent all day yesterday cleaning my car inside, and will most likely be washing it as soon as the engine is done being fixed again.

That is all I really had to say today, I hope everyone is having a good weekend, and I may be on here Friday Night or Saturday morning with news on my car hopefully.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book 3 of 100

 The Squad: Perfect Cover  by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

One of those books that have sat on my bookshelf since its purchase un-read.  Why did I buy it?  This books cover reminded me of my favorite show at one time, Veronica Mars.  now these two things have a few things in common and I will now always think of the book when I come across my Veronica mars DVD collection.

The Squad is a cover for the training the most unlikely of CIA agents, high school girls varsity cheerleaders.  And their newest recruit is more unlikely to be a cheerleader than all the otehr girls in the school.  What makes her so special to be the next cheerleader?

Toby Klien sees nothing special about herself and neither does the rest of her class at Bayport High School.  But someone seems to think she will make a very good cheerleader.  The mysterious invites to come to an informational meeting about the Varsity Cheerleaders.  Really what do the varsity cheerleaders, the "God Squad" to the students at Bayport High School, want with a girl who would ratehr be changing her grade and her teacher's middle name in the school's computer system. 

This book is great with lots of sit on the edge of your seat action as well as lots of teen angst drama.  Don't forget the big evil takedown that is in the works.

If you enjoy books with lots of action meets a love story this is for you.  If you liked Charlie's Angels at any point in your life this will take your interest.

The Squad: Perfect Cover At Amazon

The Squad: Perfect Cover Barnes and Noble

The Squad: Perfect Cover Nook e-book

Monday, April 12, 2010

101 of 1001 on a role now

For the past two weeks I have worried more about what was on this list than in the past four months.  But I have also found that I need to work on more than just a few items at at time.  I have decided to take full control of lots fo the items.

#45, has been an on going challenge to myself for over a year nwo.  With my hair inches from the length needed I should have this complted hopefully by the end of summer.

#94, though it says Kindle, I am going to say the nook is going to count since at the time this list was written the nook was not released.

#86, though I have not met Sarah (serrac) in person, she has become one new friend over the past few months.

#75, I seem to have forgotten to post seeing the New Moon movie at midnight but that is only one of the three possibly four or five midnight movie showings down.

Now some other things you may or may not want to know, I have started to post some of my older books and cheap romance novesl to for anyone interesed.  I thought I would share them with others adn get them off my shelves.
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