Monday, January 11, 2016

Thoughts during Zombies, Run 5K training

So Zombies, Run 5K is more of an introduction into the Zombies, Run Universe.  The first mission I have dubbed Zombies 5K 0.0 is the exact same first mission as you see in the main Zombies Run program.  This is your arrival into Abel Township.

Now that you have done your introduction as Runner 5 it is time to get into shape and ready for the Zombies.  In this story the Doctor and Sam Yao are teaching you to be a faster runner which is something that the town needs as it seems all their runners have been victims of smoke inhalation.

The first week you are going pretty easy getting into the work out with:
10 min walk

(repeating 10 times)
1 min walk
15 seconds slow run

10 min free form run (I was not sure what this was, but it is a run/walk at your own pace)

Now let me admit, before really starting this program I have not really been a walker/runner.  I would rather read a book or just about anything else than do this, but with my goal for the year being to make healthier choices I need to get up and move some more.  Why not make that movement be a story mode workout.  But in order to get the the story I need to get some stamina on workout going.  Like every person who starts a new workout you have some thoughts that go through your head when you first start out and here are some of the thoughts that went through my head as I did my first Zombies, Run 5K workout.

  1. I can do this
  2. 5 minutes in and I am still going strong
  3. Ok, 10 minute walk done my legs burn, but I can do this.
  4. First 15 second run wasn't so bad.
  5. 4 of my 15 second runs done now I hurt and I really want to quit.
  6. OMG, I love this song, I can go a little longer.
  7. Only 2 more 15 second runs to go, yep I can do this.
  8. OK, last 15 second run, lets make it count.
  9. Last 2 minute Walk/Run and I can see my car, lets go.
  10. FINISHED, see I knew I could do this.

Though there was a lot of questionable moments on surviving this workout you will see that I did in fact complete the workout and live to tell the tale.  I would also love to tell you that I did make it through the other 2 workouts for the week.  There may have been a little mud a few times but I got the workouts in and was very proud of my 3 completed workouts last week.  I can not wait to get on to week 2's workouts this week.

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