Wednesday, January 20, 2016

101 in 1001: Week 2 in Review

With another week done on my 101 things in 1001 days it is time for another status update.  This week has been a little bit easier and harder at the same time but lets see what we are on our way to completing on our list now.

1.  Lose 100 pounds - I know that this one is a big one on my list of things but I have made it to my first milestone of my 100 pounds lost and took off my first 20 pounds.

Update on my weight loss story

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3. Give up Fast Food for 1 Month - Though this one was a hard one to start, it is official and I have been without fast food for 7 days.  Hopefully I can go a few more weeks without fast food.  Though this has been hard on me this week the next one on my list has gotten a little easier.

4.  Give up Sodas for 1 Month - Yep, I have now completed 20 days without a soda.  Though the first few days of this goal was pretty hard this last week was pretty easy.  I just have to survive the next few days to make the 31 day goal.

6.  Workout 4 times a week - This one continued really well this last week, I was able to find time to get in a workout everyday even though 1 of them was only a quick 20 minute walk before having dinner and game night with friends.  But overall I did good and got in 6, 30 minute or longer walk.

37. Complete the Zombies Run 5K - Well I am happy to say that I am on my way to completion on this one with week 2 being complete.

Week 2 of #zombiesrun5k complete. Glad for a day or two before I start week 3.

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Though we are still at the beginning of this list, I have slowly gotten to the point of getting on my way to getting things on this list complete.  It makes me really happy how well I have worked on this list and how well it seems to be going.  Yeah, I am just starting and there is nothing really complete but I am almost done with a few things and hopefully will make it through some more.

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