Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New me

So I have started this many of times: my goal to lose weight and be a better me. So hopefully 2016 is the year of success. 

When I was in high school, I was able to have some success in weight loss with the Atkins diet so I am attempting it all over again.  So here is to a new year with healthier choices from eating salad at work instead of a burger and fries and even walking after work at the park instead of going home and binge watching shows on Netflix.  

With almost 200 pounds to lose to reach a healthy weight for me, I really do have a long ways to go on this journey.   I am really excited to get started on it. So excited that during my day off yesterday I went and got somethings to make some healthy grab and go lunches to take to work.  

So with a few days into 2016, I am starting my journey of hard work and hopefully great payoffs.

This was a picture I took of myself just a few days ago, so lets see how well I can take some of this weight off and get to a healthier, happier me.

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